Volunteer fundraisers

Live to Love UK supporters on a half marathon to raise funds for a primary school bus


His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa

Live to Love Global Ambassador, Michelle Yeoh, distributing food after the earthquake in Nepal

Live to Love is a pioneering charity with one vision – to contribute lasting solutions to significant global problems. We believe that reaching out to connect and help others enriches all our lives and will help to build strong, peaceful and happy communities within our villages, towns and cities - both nationally and internationally.

Live to Love International was founded by The Gyalwang Drukpa as a secular, global humanitarian organisation. The Gyalwang Drukpa is an environmentalist, educator, advocate of cultural preservation, champion of gender equality and the head of the Drukpa lineage, one of the main Buddhist schools of the Himalayas with a thousand-year-old legacy. He has been honoured by the United Nations with a Millennium Development Goal Award and has been the recipient of The Green Hero Award in India.

Live to Love projects are focused on:

  • education
  • disaster relief
  • medical aid
  • environmental sustainability
  • heritage preservation


Currently, we are working mainly in the Himalayan region, with an emphasis on responding to the recent earthquake disaster in Nepal. This work is supported through Live to Love organisations around the world, which have members from diverse backgrounds. Everyone offers their time and skills on an entirely voluntary basis and 100% of all donations goes directly to the communities we are helping.

To date, Love to Love has:

  • provided 1500 free cataract surgeries
  • built 201 homes and 11 community halls
  • provided medical help to approximately 10,000 patients
  • provided emergency relief to over 20,000 victims of the Nepal earthquake
  • committed to rebuilding houses and community centres to rehome 1,000 people in the Kathmandu valley who have been displaced by the earthquake disaster
  • planted 149,032 trees in the Himalayas
  • collected and disposed of more than 2 tons of plastic waste in annual eco walks
  • provided continuous free education to 298 students


You will find full details of our projects as you navigate the site and we hope you will be inspired to support these and to get involved. All the work that we do creates life-enhancing environments where communities are nurtured and can flourish.

Please join us in this global initiative. We invite – we honour, we appreciate – your help.

With warm wishes,

The team at Live to Love UK