Nepal Earthquake Appeal Video

Click the link above to watch a video showing Live to Love’s emergency response in the immediate days following the earthquake

School achievement


School achievement


Update on Live To Love Relief Efforts in Nepal

Live to Love provides relief aid and services in the aftermath of natural disasters. We have a particular focus on assisting the most vulnerable population of the Himalayas – which include ethnic minorities, women, children and the elderly. In addition to being first responders, Live to Love rebuilds communities and lives long after the initial disaster

Live to Love focuses on three particular regions: Sidhupalchok, Rasuwa and Ramechhab. These regions were not only the hardest hit regions, but they are home to over 20 different ethnic groups including the Dalits, known to be vulnerable during natural disasters due to their social status. These regions also have a large number of migrant workers, leaving women, children and the elderly to cope with recovery and suffer the most from either light or damaged infrastructure.

Live to Love helped remove thousands of tons of debris, provided hundreds of tons of food and delivered over 2,000 units of medical supplies. In the interim, Live to Love is working to build community halls to provide clean and safe shelter during monsoon season. Such shelter is critical in combatting widespread disease.

In the long term, Live to Love is helping to rebuild homes to house 1,000 villagers throughout Ramkot. Designed by experts in accordance with UN approved guidelines, all of the homes are built in collaboration with the individuals and families who will occupy the structures, ensuring that the indigenous culture can permeate the work of engineers and aid workers on the ground.

With the star power of its Global Ambassadors, actresses Michelle Yeoh and Susan Sarandon, Live to Love works to keep Nepal in the spotlight long after the earthquake, revive its tourist economy as well as provide hope to the survivors of this beloved region.

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